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The Artist and The Pandemic

Updated: May 9, 2021


I want to begin this by utterly demolishing any straw men that may be in the room. As you may know, I have been an artist my whole life. Though I sell my art and consider Altar Ego to be a business, I still believe that art, in its heart and soul, is priceless. I believe that we hold the power and control as individual artists to know the value and worth of ourselves as creative individuals who contribute to our communities far and wide. With that disclaimer out of the way, I do believe that our culture truly needs to take a deep hard look into the mirror, and for the sake of staying on topic, to understand and delve into the True Value of Art. During this strange time in our history, it has been intriguing how everyone has managed individually and communally, hasn’t it? Some may have faltered while others may have forged themselves into stronger forms than they were before. Regardless of where you identify, one constant has been occurring so often and so blaringly loud that it has compelled me to write about it to get it all out into the open. To raise my voice alongside the voices of countless fellow artists and make it known how much we need art, yes, but also how much