Altar Ego Gift Cards

Altar Ego Gift Cards


It's official! I am offering Gift Cards! Just in time for the holidays!
Here are some good perks to picking one of these up:

- These gift cards can be used for any items here in my Altar Ego shop, in my Etsy shop, or my Instagram or Facebook shop. 
- You can choose in the notes section of your order whether you prefer an e-gift card or a mailed gift card.
- E-cards can be redeemed at any time once they are purchased and you can use them all or partially with any order you make with my shop, making them a great solution to last-minute gift ideas!
- All mailed gift cards come with a blank postcard and stickers. Because who doesn't love stickers?

Once you have chosen an amount for your gift card, be sure to include an e-mail (for e-cards) or mailing address (for a mailed card). When you've chosen which method you prefer your gift card, be sure to confirm your preference for a mailed gift card or an e-gift card.

Voila! I will do the rest! 
If you prefer a personalized note, be sure to add it in the designated text box to your right. I will be sure to include your kind words with their e-mail or hand written gift card.

If there is an amount you would like for your gift card that is not listed here, be sure to message me here and let me know the amount you'd like on your gift card. Or feel free to contact me if you have a question.

Thank you so much for your support throughout the years. I am grateful to have served the public through Altar Ego for over ten years.


Gift Card Amount
Would you prefer an e-card or mailed gift card?

My items are non-refundable, so please take the time to read and see all photographs of a listing and feel free to message me with any questions before purchasing. Note that my items are delicate works of art; wear them with care :)

Every package is sent Priority or Express which includes tracking and insurance up to $50. If you suspect your package is missing, please contact your local post office provider and they can help you track your package. If your package is missing, your post office provider can issue an insurance refund to you. While I have no control over a package once it leaves my hands, this is a failsafe within my control that I have put in place for my clients peace of mind in cases such as these.With this in mind, please note that my items are non-refundable due to post office, INTL customs or delivery errors.

Since each piece I create is unique, so are the supplies I choose to use. As such, please note that I may not have custom request supplies on-hand, so please allow up to a week for me to procure and up to a week to design your custom listing. For all custom requests that require supplies that I do not have on-hand in my inventory, I must require a down payment of one half of the total cost of the listing. If you have any concerns about this policy, please feel free to message me.

Due to the amount of integrity that I put into my work, I am not generally open to trade. Please keep in mind that like fellow artists of all trades, this is a professional business that I have liberally poured myself into that also provides an income that I rely on. Just like conjuring beauty from the dead, there is a profound energy exchange that comes from connecting with new clients and fellow creatives.

Every creative soul I encounter is so amazing, unique and has so much to offer. As such, it is important to me that each interaction I have with my fellow creatives is mutually beneficial.
As such, please note that I reserve the right to refuse any trade for any reason. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect.

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