Butterfly Eyes original art work

Butterfly Eyes original art work


A genuine California Sister butterfly wing specimen is spread lovingly against an original watercolor illustration painted both with natural pigments such as tea and coffee to high-quality watercolor. This specimen was salvaged from a mistreated collection of local moths and butterflies, so each wing has it's own unique character.

Specimen illustration is sealed in a vintage plaster and convex glass frame and hangs from a sturdy ring in back. Also perfect for shelf display or altar using your favorite frame holder.


Please message me with your custom design ideas! To purchase complimentary designs, be sure to take a look at my other individual sets in my Opulent Jewelry Collection.




All remains are ethically sourced and naturally deceased. Please visit my blog for more about the ethics of my work. 

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All designs and photography in my shop are property of ©Altar Ego Design

This frame is roughly 6"x8.5" and 1" wide due to the convex glass. Frame is a vintage plaster with a hand treated felt backing and stamped with the Altar Ego stamp of authenticity.

Hangs by an ornate, external metal ring in back of the frame.

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