My Deer Love original art in vintage gilt frame

My Deer Love original art in vintage gilt frame


A deers hoof is carefully decorated in true 1930's antique appliques featuring the concept of the beauty of life after a long winters stay. Genuine pearls scattered throughout signify the dew drops of April showers and the coming of June. This piece is a homage to life after death, to the very beginning of the cycle of life, to spring, Ostara and the seasons glorious bounty.

Deer hoof kindly treated and donated by Angie of @thatbohemianwitch. All remains are ethically sourced and naturally deceased. Please visit my blog for more about the ethics of my work. 


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This frame is roughly 14"x20" and 3.5" wide due to the heavy gilt. Frame is a vintage plaster with a hand treated felt backing and stamped with the Altar Ego stamp of authenticity.

Hangs by an ornate, external metal ring at the top of the frame.

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