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ENVY necklace

ENVY necklace


Since making art during moving and the unpacking process has been a struggle I decided there was no better time than ever to do something I’d like to bring into the foreground a bit more; Statement Jewelry with a clear meaning and symbolic significance.This piece practically leapt from the work bench into life. Demanding to be heard, demanding to be made.This is a piece about Envy.A friend and I recently had meaningful discussion about envy that has stuck with me for months. To paraphrase they told me “I don’t get jealous of other people I get jealous of peoples time that I care about”. And that rings true deep within my shadow parts. While I have a healthy, ongoing relationship grieving the aspects of myself that I cannot control that I may not necessarily like, I do struggle with time as a construct, let alone the time with valuable humans I hold dearest to me.At a very young age I had this irrational fear of being separated from my “people”. Folks who understood me and let me drop the heavy weight of the mask I had to wear while they were away. I see this same internal battle with this now that I’m almost forty, and though it has matured, deep down that desire to let my guard down with my closest and dearest is something that I definitely feel on a profound level.Hands etched with green beadwork reach desperately towards an empty, dull shield, signifying the mask we hold up for protection. Hands below the shield and in back upon the clasp are also reaching out and away from the mask; signifying the ability to reach out and find those who allow our shields to stay down, for the mask we must wear, the inner darkness to be let out to graze while we can heal from the heaviness of it all.Envy is part of each of us, and craving human connection is probably one of the most important things we are too commonly denied. This is a piece about finding Hope in others amongst our own ugly emotions, about curating spaces that allow us to shine our brightest without fear and that is something we do have the power to fully take charge and control.

Play & Stay Curious. About yourself, about others & about the true empowerment that self expression can bring.


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Since this is a hand-made design, I can adjust the circumference of the necklace to fit any size . Please message me with your neck circumference if you need it altered so that I can adjust it for the perfect fit!

Necklace measures 16-24 inches total length.
Neck circumference: Can fit 24 inches around.
Individual cameo measures about 2 inches.


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