Tiny Dancer mummified rat original art work

Tiny Dancer mummified rat original art work


This little sweetheart sports a new romper dress of vintage lace and ribbon. I'm actually pretty jealous of the design I picked out and find myself wanting one of these little frilly dresses now!
Three tiers of antique and vintage lace and soon to be lace and thin satin ribbon. They're beautifully unashamed of their little mummified member and freely showing off their talent.

This work has been inspired heavily by an act I saw with Cabaret_Bizarre at the Ballhaus Berlin last month. Prinz Basil gave me quite the thrill with their act. I witnessed a choreography that held rich commentary on queerness, themes of fighting against traditional toxic masculinity from a young age, rebirth, and inevitably loving and embracing our strangeness despite the costs. If you caught my face at any point during the act I may have been pouring tears with the widest Cheshire grin the whole time. It was quite a moment, and while each act was such a captivating dance of talent and dark delight, Prinz Basils act stole my heart that night.

This one is for my dark brethren, queer weirdos, those who get pushed around, commodified, hurt at the hands of those who are too narrow to understand and fully embrace the beauty in you. Photos in my story as they come along in their final form.


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Dimensions: Length: 10" Width: 8" Convex Glass: 1"
Hangs from a sturdy 3/4" circular jump ring. Wall mount only.

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