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  • C U S T O M   O R D E R S
    Since each piece I create is unique, so are the supplies I choose to use. As such, please note that I may not have custom request supplies on-hand, so please allow up to a week for me to procure and up to a week to design your custom listing. For all custom requests that require supplies that I do not have on-hand in my inventory, I must require a down payment of one half of the total cost of the listing. If you have any concerns about this policy, please feel free to message me. FURTHERMORE: Due to the amount of integrity that I put into my work, I am not generally open to trade. However, if you are a shop owner that sells supplies or have a trade offer for a specific item, please message me with the item and what you would be willing to trade. Please keep in mind that like my fellow small business shop owners, this is a professional business that I have liberally poured myself into that also provides an income that I rely on. Just like conjuring beauty from the dead, there is a profound energy exchange that comes from connecting with new clients and fellow creatives. Each artist I connect with is so amazing, unique and has so much to offer. As such, it is important to me that each interaction I have with my fellow creatives is mutually beneficial. As such, please note that I reserve the right to refuse any trade for any reason. Thank you in advance for your understanding and respect.
  • B O O K  A   V I S I T
    “What does a visit include anyway?” Basically I put on a nice pot of tea, set out some light treats and you get to play dress up! It’s a rare treasure to have clients come to my private nest to view the latest creations, get exclusive first-looks all while lazily petting a cat or two if they are so inclined, and I feel very blessed with each experience. “Sounds fun- How do I schedule a visit?” Oh it’s super easy! Simply send me a message in the message box at the very bottom of this page, type away and hit send! That’s it! Be sure to include: - Full Name - Phone Number: Include here if you prefer a call or text to confirm. - Date & Time: Include day, date, and time (am/pm). - Preferences: Since this is your special time, this is your chance to include any specific designs you are interested in viewing or any style of art such as fine art or wearable such as hair fascinators, hats and jewelry designs. If none are specified, no biggie- I will just include a little bit of everything! - Allergies: Please let me know if you are allergic to any particular foods or drink as well as whether or not you have a cat allergy so I can keep my fur babies tucked away for your visit. Otherwise they love to meet new people and would love to make your visit extra special. “I’m so busy! How will I remember my appointment?” That’s okay! Once a visit is made, I will give you a call (or text if preferred) to confirm your appointment the day before. At that point, you have the ability to reschedule if necessary, but note that I can only reschedule up to two times, so be sure to reschedule wisely! If I am unable to receive solid confirmation up to 12 hours before your visit, it will be considered cancelled and your appointment time will be forfeited to any confirmed visits. “How long are visits?” Client visits are typically anywhere from a half hour to three hours at a time. “Is there a fee?” Any visit over an hour is $10 for every additional half hour. ½-1 HOUR: -- 1 ½ HOUR: $10 2 HOURS: $20 2 ½ HOURS: $25 3 HOURS: $30 “Can I book for longer than three hours?” Definitely! Please message me with your time frame and ideas. “Can I bring a friend… Or two?” Of course! There are no additional fees for more than one guest. I do ask that if you would like to include more than one friend that you please get in touch with me and we can chat before booking. Have a question about your visit but don’t see an answer? Message me! I am quick to reply. I look forward to hearing from you!
  • S H I P P I N G
    SHIPPING CHARGES FOR INTERNATIONAL ONLY: Since shipping prices will vary from country to country, the cost of shipping will be more or less depending on international costs for your country. Please feel free to send me a private message with your country and zip code and I will get an accurate shipping quote to you. SHIPPING WITH PRIORITY MAIL: Because getting your item fast is the #1 downfall of online shopping, I can ensure my clients that all of my items are packed lovingly with care and ready to ship within 24 hours of checkout. Priority shipping is the fastest and most efficient way to both track and insure your package both abroad and otherwise. I've tried other providers and services and this is by far the best and most cost-efficient with the most benefits for my clients such as tracking and insurance. Packages are typically received within 3-5 business days. Please Note: Some packages can be delayed due to unseen circumstances such as weather, etc. If you have any concerns about your package, please feel free to get in touch with me at any time and I will get right back to you. SHIPPING WITHIN THE U.S. IS FREE: All US/INTL shipping includes insurance as well as free tracking. All purchases from my shop are boxed and ready to be shipped within 24 hours of purchase. Packages are shipped Priority and include free insurance as well as free tracking. Once mailed, I will send you your packages tracking number which you can find under 'tracking info' on your transaction order information. All Designs are packaged delicately with loving care and ready to wear the moment they arrive! INTERNATIONAL SALES: Please note that while I strive to give my clients the fastest most reliable shipping method available to them at low cost, I cannot guarantee a promised time of arrival for your package. If you would like to ship your package EXPRESS to get it to you faster, I can compare rates to get you the best option for the best price. EXPRESS SHIPPING (US/INTL): If you would like to ship Express, please send me your full address and I will get back to you with the price and rough ETA based on the post office quote. While I would love to guarantee your package will arrive faster than usual, please note that I once I have shipped your package my control is very limited. Please use the tracking number provided to keep track of your package. I cannot be held responsible for any unforseen delays, lost packages or other post office or customs issues. If you suspect your package may be LOST please contact me immediately and I will do everything that I can to help. INTERNATIONAL SALES: Please note that once your package leaves the country I cannot be held responsible for customs delays or issues with Intl postal service systems. Every package I send is insured. This is put in place in case emergencies like this occur and it is a security put in place for your peace of mind. If you suspect your package is lost, please get in touch with your postal provider to issue your insurance refund.
  • S H O P   P O L I C Y
    My shop accepts PayPal & Credit/Debit. I expect payment at time of purchase unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed upon before checkout. Any item that is purchased without payment will only be held up to 24 hours. If I do not hear back or receive payment within 24 hours after a transaction, I will be forced to cancel the transaction and renew the listing to be available to other buyers. I accept layaway plans and gladly reserve listings for my customers. Please feel free to message me with any concerns regarding payment for an item prior to checkout and I will do everything I can to help! My items are non-refundable, so please take the time to read and see all photographs of a listing and feel free to message me with any questions before purchasing. Note that my items are delicate works of art; wear them with care :) What if my package is lost or never arrived? Every package is sent Priority or Express which includes tracking and insurance up to $50. If you suspect your package is missing, please contact your local post office provider and they can help you track your package. If your package is missing, your post office provider can issue an insurance refund to you. While I have no control over a package once it leaves my hands, this is a failsafe within my control that I have put in place for my clients peace of mind in cases such as these. With this in mind, please note that my items are non-refundable due to post office, INTL customs or delivery errors.
  • L E G A L I T I E S
    While I keep up-to-date and comply with any local and state laws in choosing my specimens and remains of any sort (any and all taxidermy, bones, etc) I cannot be held responsible for sales that may include specimens that may be illegal for your specific state, country, etc. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL AND STATE LAWS BEFORE PURCHASE. Every country and state have various fluctuations on specific taxidermy and specimens and while I strive to understand entirely the legality of each individual country's specific laws, it's always best to check your local laws to be sure before purchasing or even taking in remains of any sort. If a sale is made and you have not checked your laws beforehand to ensure that the specimen is safe to ship to your location, I will not be held responsible. If you are unsure if an item you would like to purchase contains potentially illegal remains for your specific location, country, etc, please feel free to message me at any time. FURTHERMORE: There are many various online vendors who chance the law and unfortunately create access to illegal taxidermy and remains without disclosing the legal hazards of obtaining and keeping the remains to their clients. This is a very neglectful and wrong for many reasons and while these profiters are not only vending remains that are questionably obtained, they are also banking on the ignorance of their customers to trust that they are perfectly safe when the repercussions could be dire for the buyer. It is very important to me that you have the best possible experience when doing business and my clients are very important to me, It is my belief that seekers of the curious should remain safe and have the right to a worry-free experience while choosing their next specimen. If you have a question or concern that is not listed above, please message me! I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Humboldt County Rogue Taxidermy

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