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"Fear is the Darkness to the Light that is Curiosity..."

Altar Ego Design is focused on art, both wall and wearable, for the curious of heart. My art is a multi-faceted incorporation of vintage, antiques, taxidermy and bone fragments to create imagery surrounding themes of both death and the little death, human sexuality. All work is ethically sourced and reincarnated into new life.
Since there is such a significant energy exchange that occurs with death as well as the process of preserving the deceased, I make sure that all antiques are as naturally examined and collected as any deceased fragments I choose to use.
Tarot, the Occult, found and forgotten things. All of these are tethers to tie me to creativity and lend my art a voice. I am grateful to share these key hole glimpses of my inner world with the public.

Wings have been an obsession of mine from a very early age, and it's exciting to see that my love for wings has become a symbol that has brought me to this current artistic stage.  Wing imagery invades my fine art, but I really love the depth and an understanding of respect that comes with connecting to a once-living being and preserving it with other antique fragments, fusing their seperate histories together. Of course I can't speak for the individual birds that I have preserved, but I'd like to think that they would appreciate the gesture of being perfectly preserved in a state of flight.

My work tends to lean toward everyone of all ages and variety, though I like to hope that my pieces grace the bodies and walls of anyone who has a deep love for the curious, the lovely and the macabre. I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and imagination. To take the hand of the Alice within and bring them into a personal wonderland of profound beauty, sultry seduction, and imprint something upon them that maybe they long to express, relay or understand in themselves.






Bringing Modern Mourning to the West Coast

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