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Light-Hearted original artwork

Light-Hearted original artwork


Upon creating this piece, I was in the midst of a very difficult break up and seemingly trapped within headspace where I was ready to start a metamorphosis away from the harshness of that dynamic to be able to receive true love and begin self exploration.

The jaw bone mandibles symbolize harsh words spoken that was then believed and reinforced by my own sharp-toothed internal demons. The butterfly specimen symbolizes the desire to break free and transform my state of being and inner dialogue into something filled to the brim with love, symbolized by the dried, preserved roses which were part of a bouquet I received while in the throes of romance and love. Their dried state signified a both maturity, permanence and wisdom in their deep dark red and heart-like veiny texture, but also much of the pain and suffering in the relationship was causing a pre-existing heart condition to flare up. The heart-like texture of the dried roses also serves to symbolize a healthy, carefree and 'light heart' within a rib cage made of strung chain work. The cage work ready to burst free yet trapped in a stasis as a reminder of that stamp in time.

A genuine California Sister butterfly wing specimen is spread lovingly against a bed of dried red rose petals. This specimen was salvaged from a mistreated collection of local moths and butterflies, so each wing has it's own unique character. Mouse mandible jaw bones flank the butterfly specimen.

Specimen illustration is floating in a vintage plaster and hangs from a sturdy hanging wire in back. Also perfect for shelf display or altar using your frame holder of choice.


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All remains are ethically sourced and naturally deceased. Please visit my blog for more about the ethics of my work. 

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This frame is roughly 16" x 12" and 1.75" wide. Frame is a vintage plaster, the brass frame within housed with a hand treated felt backing and stamped with the Altar Ego stamp of authenticity.

Hangs by an ornate, external metal ring on top of the frame.

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