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Pomegranates original artwork

Pomegranates original artwork



Mid-summer last year I took the time to finally sit down with a known classique art film that many have fallen in love with; the film was Sergei Parajanov's "The Color of Pomegranates". An artistic and completely non-linear, loose story of the 18th century Armenian poet Sayat Nova. If you've taken the time to sit down with this work, you will know that the imagery is rich, beautiful, highly detailed and in itself tells the story of the history of the Kingdom of Armenia at that time, the invading Persian influences, and the depiction of fierce resilience portrayed in a deeply profound and romantic flair. I'd never seen anything like it and was immediately and utterly rapt.

I wanted to create work that mirrored that beautiful attention to detail and found elements around my own studio and living space that I literally tore from my walls and pulled from my work drawers to weave together into a unique and stunning piece. 

While this work strays from the main course of the film, whose narrative played around forbidden love and treacherous religious commitments, this piece focused more on the premise played out in the films end; accepting death. A memento mori played out in film format. Meeting the Angel of Death, atonement with the Goddess of Resurrection and finding Peace in Acceptance.

A beavers skull is heavily draped in layers of flesh-colored tulle pulled taut around Russian red netting, symbolizing the pull of romance depicted by the Tsarina, and the tug of earthly pleasures as depicted in the film. Elegant lace work is carefully cut and reconstructed to create a regal frame around the skull, while the eye holes have carefully sculpted and hand-painted scrollwork etched along their sockets. Both symbolizing the dark, detailed path we must all take towards our own death. Blood infused with the blood of gay men refused access to donate and support their community is painted carefully along the outer rim of the starburst frame. From behind the eyes, a mirror is placed; challenging the viewer to come to terms with their own mortality.

Skull specimen is framed and hangs from a secure ring in back. Also perfect for shelf display or altar using your frame holder of choice.


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All remains are ethically sourced and naturally deceased. Please visit my blog for more about the ethics of my work. 

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This frame is roughly 10" x 10" and 3-4" wide. Frame is a hand treated felt backing and stamped with the Altar Ego stamp of authenticity.

Hangs by an ornate, external metal ring, or can be utilized for table top Altar spaces or personal home decor.

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