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Save Point! Silent Hill | Halo of the Sun / Seal of Metatron reverse earrings

Save Point! Silent Hill | Halo of the Sun / Seal of Metatron reverse earrings

$28.00 Regular Price
$16.80Sale Price

I don't usually create items from pre-existing media and horror culture, but in this instance I had a vision- And went for it!

Silent Hill has been my favorite piece of horror media since it's release in 1999. I was thirteen years old with no prior experience with the beauty of psychological horror vs the more action based horror that the nineties (and to some extent the eighties) horror was oversaturated with. I was over my head with fear... And I loved every second of it. There's something about good horror media that stirs me somewhere deep inside, which is why I felt compelled to try out a new design concept surrounding my passion for art and a work of media I enjoy.
These sigils are based in alchemical and magical lore to weave a story about the God of a once sacred place corrupted by a Christianized cult. I wanted to give them a dark twenties noir aesthetic that was unmistakably Altar Ego in nature.


To purchase earrings or necklaces that may compliment this design, be sure to send me a message or take a look at my other individual sets in my Jewelry Designs. All designs are ethically-sourced from the finest, high-quality materials.


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Earrings measure 2.5" total length.

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